I. Enrollment and Tuition:
- Registration fee is mandatory and a one-off-only payment per student that includes a Life-time World-wide membership fee.
- A deposit amount of VND 1,000,000 (minimum) can be placed to secure a special promotion. The balance must be paid within a week from the date of the deposit payment for the promotion to be eligible.
- Tuition fee must be paid in full prior to the start date.
- Term must be activated within 14 days from the date of payment.
- Practice and Play is once per week for enrolled members only. Parents/Adults supervision is required.
- There are no refunds.

II. Freeze-time and Make-up class:
- Please email or call at least 2 hours in advance if your child will be absent from his/her scheduled class. No-show will not eligible for make-up.
- Also contact the gym if you will be unable to attend a scheduled make-up. If we do not hear from you, no further make-up date will be offered for that class.
- Make-ups must be scheduled by appointment and are based on availability.
- All make-ups must be completed prior to the end of current enrolment.
- Members can request to freeze classes during term; one (01) time in 12 weeks, two (02) times in 24 weeks and four (04) in 48 weeks. Members must inform the gym of a freeze-time either by email or in person. The term will then be extended to accommodate the unfreeze classes.

III. During Class Policy:
- When participating in class or Practice & Play session, children go barefoot and adults are required to wear socks.
- No food or drinks are allowed on the gym floor.
- There are no siblings allowed on the carpeted area during class. Only children enrolled in class may participate.
- Please keep quiet if you are waiting at the reception area during class time.

IV. Additional Policies and Safety Guidelines:
- Please remember that you are responsible for watching your child at all time during parent participation classes and Practice & Play sessions.
- In participating in the My Gym program, you are acknowledging the risks involved. If your child is enrolled in an independent class, please discuss the risks with him/her prior to participation.
- In case of emergency when parents cannot be reached, My Gym Saigon is authorized to obtain whatever medical treatments deemed necessary for the welfare of your child. Parents understand and further agree that they will be financially responsible for all costs incurred in the rendering of the said emergency services, regardless of whether or not their medical insurance would cover such charges and fees.
- Please keep your children home if they show any sign of illness – coughing, runny nose, rashes, etc. For the health of our members, any child found showing signs of illness will be sent home immediately. Normal make-up policy applies.
- Please arrive at the gym’s reception area only 5 minutes before your child’s scheduled class time to sign-in at the Front Desk and get ready for his/her session.
- All independent children must be picked up promptly at the end of class. If a different family member or caregiver will be picking up your child, please inform the Front Desk at drop-off. Children are not permitted to leave the facility without a parent or a nominated caregiver.
- No filming in the gym.
- My Gym Saigon cannot assume responsibility for lost or stolen personal items. All personal items left at the gym will be stored in Lost & Found box. Unclaimed items after 3 months might be disposed or donated to charity at the discretion of My Gym Saigon.
- In participating in the My Gym program, parents hereby give consent to your child's participation in all activities of My Gym Saigon, including the use of his/her photos (if any) on My Gym Saigon social media channels and promotional materials. Parents also agree to receive promotional materials from My Gym Saigon and/or its affiliates from time to time (unless specified).
- My Gym Saigon reserves the right to change, modify or amend the policies herein at any time without prior notice.